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  • For a summary of the Nutritional Basics for School Meal Programs click HERE.

  • For a summary of the National School Lunch Program Meal Pattern click here

  • For a summary of the School Breakfast Program Meal Pattern click here

Does your child require special meal accommodations?

If so, please contact your school's nurse or our Food and Nutrition Manager, Randall Mel, for assistance. We can ensure your child receives the nourishment your child needs. Randall can be reached by email at 

Please have a physician complete and return the following documentation:

a. If your child requires a meal accommodations due to allergies or other medical needs please click here

b. For information on meal accommodations click here.

c. If your child requires a milk alternative due to an intolerance or allergy, please have your child's physician complete the form available in (a) Please keep in mind that, by law, we can only provide certain milk substitutions because certain nutrient standards need to be met.

Nutrition Education Links:

MyPlate Guide to School Breakfast
MyPlate Guide to School Lunch

MyPlate Printable Resources for Families

USDA Digital Nutrition Resources for Kids
Cooking Meals on a Budget
Health, Nutrition, and Fitness Glossary for Kids

Dig in! USDA Nutrition education for Teachers, Parents and Students
Dig In at Home-Nutrition planning for parents

Middletown Board of Education Policy on Student Wellness

#5141.25 Food Allergy/Asthma/Diabetes Management Plan dated November 20, 2020

Policy 6142.101(a) - School Wellness Policy

Wellness Resources can be found here:

Triennial Wellness Review 2022
Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2
Worksheet 3
Worksheet 4

Randall Mel Jr, Food and Nutrition Manager/Wellness Coordinator
Rob Smernoff, Department Head- PE/Health- K-12

Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes SY 2022-2023:

Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes SY 2021-2022:

Policy 3542.411(a)School Nutrition Programs Civil Rights Complaint Procedures 

Policy #5145-4 - Non-discrimination

Report form for complaints of discrimination or harassment - Student Grievance Procedure

Additional Resources for parents and children!

Civil Rights- Responsibilities of School Nutrition Programs