School District Goals

Goal I-Promote high academic achievement among all learners

*emphasize student-focused instruction appropriate to students' different needs and learning styles

*support high levels of learning through coordinated expectations and assessment.

*engage students through motivating instruction and clear examples of expected learning outcomes

Goal II-Provide a comprehensive program in arts, humanities, sciences and personal growth.

*help students recognize and make connections within their different subjects and programs

*support teacher and administrator efforts to integrate learning across disciplines where appropriate.

*encourage students and parents to participate in planning students' educational programs

Goal III-Ensure parental and community support and involvement through clear, open, and timely communication.

*use community resources to support academic, social and civic learning

*involve parents and community in shaping both district and school direction

*recognize parental and community support and involvement

Goal IV-Use technology to enhance learning, communication and organization.

*ensure that every student, teacher, and administrator is proficient at using current and appropriate computer technology to enhance learning

*revise the district's technology plan to reflect clearly the expectations for students, teachers, and administrators

*provide technology training to all district employees, appropriate to their jobs and responsibiliites, to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Goal V-Recognize and value persity and multiculturalism in our schools and community.

*infuse multiculturalism and persity throughout all academic, fine arts, and extra-curricular programs

*help students and staff understand and appreciate Middletown's persity

Goal VI-Demonstrate mutual respect, social awareness, integrity, and responsible decision-making.

*support , model, and commend these qualities at all levels, recognizing them as integral learning and life skills

*ensure a safe, orderly, and positive learning environment

*provide all support services necessary to students' learning readiness

Goal VII-Ensure optimal student learning through on-going and effective professional development programs.

*provide Middletown educators opportunities to learn and implement best practices

*engage all educators in planning, assessing, and reviewing professional development initiatives, clearly connecting the process to student learning